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Case Study: Streamlining Invoice Workflow with ComPDFKit Forms

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Sep 06
Flutter Case Study Construction

Client's Words: After reviewing the information on your website, we found that your Flutter form functionality package is a perfect fit for our needs.


Our customer today is a construction company that needs a solution to manage and edit invoices for their small-scale application (ERP or accounting software). The company found that the ComPDFKit Flutter package greatly enhanced its functionality.


ComPDFKit Flutter package was chosen because of its ease of use and scalability. It allows for the manipulation of PDF documents, which is necessary for the company's invoice workflow. Moreover, it also offers comprehensive PDF SDK/API to allow developers to integrate the ComPDFKit into their apps or systems to view, edit, convert, fill out, sign, compare, redact, and OCR PDFs.


ComPDFKit makes it easier for them to manage its invoices more efficiently. Now, they can easily create and edit forms, insert images, and add annotations to their documents, working with an efficient invoice managing workflow.

Client Overview


This cooperator has been in the construction business for over 20 years and has seen tremendous growth over recent years. With their expanding customer base, they saw the need to streamline their invoice workflow process. They wanted a solution that was easy to use, highly secure, and could be easily integrated into their existing systems. After researching various solutions, we are glad to have deep communication and cooperation with them.


         - Industry: Construction.

         - Project Details: Development of a small-scale application for managing and editing invoices.

         - Development Platforms: Android and iOS.

         - Functional Requirements: Annotation, content editing (text & images), all kinds of form fields, form creating and filling.


Solutions for Invoice


Solution & Results


Their internal management app lacked modules for purchase requisitions, support approvals, and invoice management. ComPDFKit provided the flutter PDF SDK for them to try and address their need and standardize document management and approval processes.


The technical solution involved using Flutter to call the native SDK for rendering PDF views, editing, annotation, and form capabilities. With a comprehensive and secure set of APIs, they were able to integrate ComPDFKit with their existing systems and processes quickly. This helped them streamline their invoice workflow process and ensure that all invoices were managed promptly.



Streamlining the Invoice Workflow


Improving and digitizing the invoice workflow provides numerous benefits, including easing the pain of manual processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing workload. The modernization of workflows allows for faster financial close and improved accuracy.


The construction industry heavily relies on efficient invoice management to ensure timely payments and smooth project operations. Invoices in this industry typically contain important information such as:


        - Project name.

        - Client name.

        - Invoice number.

        - Time duration corresponding to the provided services and/or materials.

        - Contract amount and change order amount(s).

        - The Total value of work completed to date.

        - The Total amount of previous payments.


ComPDFKit's PDF form functionality provides various types of form fields that support the diverse data requirements of invoices in the construction industry.


Invoice management is not exclusive to the construction industry. Various sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, and professional services, also rely on streamlined invoice workflows. ComPDFKit's PDF form capabilities can cater to the specific needs of each industry, enabling efficient and effective invoice management across different sectors.



In conclusion, the integration of ComPDFKit's PDF form functionality perfectly addressed the project requirements, significantly enhancing their team's management efficiency. By streamlining the invoice workflow, the company experienced a reduction in workload and faster financial close. The comprehensive SDK libraries provided by ComPDFKit saved development time and costs, enabling the successful implementation of their application.

Client Testimonial: The solution provided by ComPDFKit perfectly addressed our project requirements and improved the efficiency of our team's management.