Review of ComPDFKit in 2022

By ComPDFKit | 2022 Dec 28

2022 is a year of great significance for ComPDFKit. As we all know, PDF Technologies is loved by the masses for its products, such as PDF Reader Pro, PDF Converter, Filmage Screen, Filmage Editor, and so on. These products have received rave reviews, and many companies have contacted us, hoping that we can provide technology for them to integrate into their own apps or projects to manage PDF files and improve work efficiency. That’s why ComPDFKit was born — to contribute to the paperless process.


In this article, we highlight 2022’s most significant milestones of ComPDFKit.







ComPDFKit PDF SDK allows the creation, manipulation, annotation,text editing,  signatures, filling of forms, and the protection of PDF documents in its customers' applications or systems. Since it supports all major platforms, and a wide range of programming languages, it can be easily deployed locally or in the cloud at any scale.


         - Viewer — Provide a strong rendering engine with a wide range of advanced features.

         - Annotations — Add, edit, import, and export all types of PDF markings.

         - Forms — Create, edit, flatten, and print form fields with ease.

         - Document Editor — Organize and manage PDF pages quickly to support workflows.

         - Security — Protect PDF documents by encrypting & decrypting document, watermarking, redacting, adding header & footer, bates number, and background.

         - Edit PDF — Support for text editing, like adding, modifying, deleting, and moving text or images in PDF files.

         - Conversion  — PDF to PDF/A.


ComPDFKit Conversion SDK


         - PDF to Word

         - PDF to Excel

         - PDF to PPT 

         - PDF to TXT

         - PDF to CSV

         - PDF to Image

         - PDF to RTF

         - PDF to HTML


ComPDFKit SaaS 


We have released ComPDFKit SaaS 0.1.0, including the features of conversion such as PDF to Office, Office to PDF, PDF to image, PDF to HTML, etc.


SaaS service has its unique advantages. It does not need to occupy your server memory. You can integrate it into the software on any platform or use it directly on the web page by calling the API to meet your needs in a variety of ways. At the same time, it will also provide a management background, so that you can observe the conversion data in real-time and manage internal permissions. Operate in a fast-running and well-documented API to improve your work efficiency. 





We have received requests for SDK from customers in various industries and successfully provided highly customized services. For example, the PDF white label case, the Web viewer in the eBook industry, and a single function of redaction in the human resources industry. As well as the construction industry's demand for measurement and comparison functions, and the aviation industry's demand for integrating PDF functions into EFB, etc.


We are continuously improving our SDK products as your future requirements change and the project evolves.



2022 Highlights of ComPDFKit


2022 Highlights of ComPDFKit 

  • Website — The brand-new website was released in May. 


  • Social Media — We joined Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to share more information with you. Come and make a connection with us to get the latest news!


  • Review — We joined G2, Trustpilot, SourceForge, etc. If you have relevant suggestions and opinions, we are more than happy to receive feedback and provide better services.


  • Reseller — ComPDFKit announced a distributor agreement with ComponentSource, which is one of the most visited software development product websites in the world.


  • Team — ComPDFKit has its own independent technical support team, product team, marketing operation team, and sales team. Everyone works together to provide the most comprehensive library and services to our customers.



Road Map to 2023


  • Document AI — An intelligent document processing solution for OCR, table recognition, and precise data extraction. Support deploying to any CPU and multiple operating systems like Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. It can recognize and extract characters on handwriting papers, ID cards, driving licenses, vehicle licenses, receipts, tables, scanned images, etc. 


  • Web Viewer — Give complete digital content viewing, annotating, and document manipulation features to your web app via a single, flexible component that works in all frameworks and browsers. 


  • Electronic Signatures — This enables you to quickly add drawn, scanned, typed signatures, or signatures with CAs to any documents you work with.


  • Document Comparison — Visually compares the differences between 2 files (images, paths, text, forms, and other types of content).


  • Compress — Compress PDF files to get the same PDF quality with a smaller file size.


There’s more coming soon.





2022 is definitely a year to be marked at milestones. ComPDFKit has been planned for a long time, so it has attracted the attention of start-up teams, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even large multinational enterprises as soon as it came out. Supported comprehensive functions and multiple platforms are by no means its only advantages. Judging from the growth of this year, our team has invested a lot of effort to ensure the continuous upgrade and optimization of ComPDFKit, providing strong technical support, and proposing new breakthroughs for paperless offices.

We still have a lot of plans for the future, and we are grateful for your support as we approach our goals step by step. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us.