ComPDFKit Conversion SDK
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ComPDFKit Conversion SDK requires the latest stable version of Xcode available at the time the release was made. This is a hard requirement, as each version of Xcode is bundled with a specific version of the iOS or macOS Base SDK.


         - macOS 10.10 or higher.

         - Xcode 12.0 or newer for Objective-C.



Apple Package Structure


The package of ComPDFKit Conversion SDK for iOS & macOS includes the following files:


- ComPDFKit_Conversion.xcframework - ComPDFKit Conversion SDK dynamic library (arm64_armv7, x86_64) and associated header files.

- ComPDFKit_Conversion_Demo - A folder containing Apple sample projects.

- Developer_Guide_Apple.pdf - Developer guide.

- Release_Notes.txt - Release information.

- Legal.txt - Legal and copyright information.



Apple Package Structure