ComPDFKit Conversion SDK
Get Started

How to Make an App with ComPDFKit Conversion SDK


This section will help you to quickly get started with ComPDFKit Conversion SDK to make an iOS/macOS project in with step-by-step instructions, which include the following steps:


         - Create a new project.

         - Integrate ComPDFKit Conversion SDK into your project.

         - Apply the license key.


How to Create a New Project


Open Xcode and select Create a new Xcode project from the welcome screen or select File -> New -> Project from the menu bar


Create a New Project



Add ComPDFKit Conversion SDK Package


Once Xcode creates the project, add the ComPDFKit_Conversion.xcframework to it by following steps:


- In the Project navigator, click on the project name at the top of the left sidebar.

- Click on the target you want to add the framework to.

- Select the General tab at the top of the main editor area.

- Scroll down to the Linked Frameworks and Libraries section.

- Click the + button to add a new framework.

- In the dialog that appears, select ComPDFKit_Conversion.xcframework, and click Add.


Add ComPDFKit Conversion SDK Package

Now that you've added the ComPDFKit_Conversion.xcframework to your project. Don't forget to import the framework where you want to use it in your project's code:


#import <ComPDFKit_Conversion/ComPDFKit_Conversion.h>



Before using classes and methods of ComPDFKit Conversion SDK in your project, you need to apply the license key first. If you have no license key, feel free to contact ComPDFKit team to obtain the license.