How to Choose the Best PDF SDK Library for Enterprises

By ComPDFKit | 2023 Mar 29
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Choosing a proper PDF SDK is the same as choosing daily necessities. Your choice could be different when considering different factors. But not every factor is equally important. It’s crucial to opt for the proper one according to your situation, and so are enterprises. 

Which & Why PDF SDK Library?


PDF SDK (software development kit) is often integrated by companies and developers into their apps, websites, systems, mobile devices, or desktops. The aim is to gain the PDF features they want and optimize their products. All the PDF SDKs on the market are different in provided features, supported platforms & programming languages, technologies, target industries, etc. How to choose a suitable PDF SDK is our topic today.


When companies need to adjust their product plan and add some PDF features to their apps, systems, websites, etc., two ways they could think about: developing by themselves or buying an SDK. Developing new features would waste too much time and money. Obviously, buying an SDK is the fastest and simplest way to push their products into the market.

How to Choose the Proper PDF SDK Library


         - ComPDFKit PDF SDK 

         - Kdan PDF SDK

         - Adobe PDF Library

         - Solid

         - Apryse

         - PSPDFKit

         - Foxit PDF SDK 

         - LEADTOOLS


There are some of the best PDF SDKs / PDF libraries in the market above. The following factors could be considered when you need to choose the proper one. 


         - Features

         - Supported Platforms

         - Customize

         - Brand

         - Price

         - Security

         - Service

         - UI


For start-up companies, the brand of SDK may be less important than the price. They would rather choose the small cooperators if all the features could meet their needs. And for companies in various industries, most PDF SDK companies couldn’t provide PDF solutions for all the companies, and they don’t support customization for less input cost. There are many reasons for a company to choose a cooperator. If you have no idea about which one to opt for, you can trust ComPDFKit. 

Advantages of ComPDFKit


Some other PDF SDK providers are facing lots of problems because they may have no independent intellectual property rights, flexible & on-demand licenses, etc. Technical support would be a great problem.


ComPDFKit developed PDF technologies independently and has independent intellectual property rights. And its mature technologies have been proven by customers and the market. There are many apps powered by ComPDFKit like PDF Reader Pro. Here are the definite advantages below.


         - Features: Support all the basic features like viewing PDFs, editing PDF pages, annotation, converting PDFs to other formats, digitally signature, smart forms, security, etc. Some advanced features are also included, such as editing PDF content directly, OCR, redaction, comparing PDFs, measuring, etc.

         - Platforms: ComPDFKit could be integrated into iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Web applications.

         - Customizable UI: We could provide customers with a unique interface according to their needs if they have different ideas about the UI.

         - Integrating Easily: It’s easy and fast to integrate our ComPDFKit. We could also provide the complete developer guides for every SDK.

         - Flexible License: Our license is on-demand. You can just pay for what features you need. 

         - Service: Provide 24/7 hours professional service and technical support to quickly respond to users' feedback through onsite service or remote support like telephone, email, etc.

         - Independent Intellectual Property Rights: The technology of ComPDFKit is independent and compliant with ISO, helping enterprises conduct international business without considering copyright risks.

         - Target Industries: ComPDFKit could provide SDK solutions for Education, E-book, Construction, Aviation, etc.

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