Measure Lengths, Perimeters, and Areas on PDFs

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Jan 18
Construction Measurement

Architecture design drawings or blueprints are always saved in PDF format due to its ability to maintain the display and quality of documents even on different operating systems. For common PDF editors, marking, editing, and signing are essential features. In the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries, the need for PDF measuring tools becomes paramount. 


We are thrilled to announce that ComPDFKit has successfully developed and officially launched PDF measurement tools today, allowing you to integrate distance, perimeter, and area measurement tools with your applications. Our measurement tools are supported in Windows, Android, iOS, Web, and will be compatible with more platforms in the future. Therefore, you can provide designers and engineers with more accurate design and construction data, contributing to the precision and efficiency of projects. 


Now, let's dive into the measuring tools and learn how to measure on PDF.


PDF Measuring Tools

Our measurement tools component offers four essential tools: Line for measuring distance, Multiline for perimeter, and Polygonal and Rectangles for area. This eliminates the need to open third-party tools, streamlining your measurement process.


Line for Measuring Distance


Line is the fundament for measuring lengths in floorplans, three-dimensional drawings, and sectional drawings. It fulfills the basic need to measure distances between two points in these drawings. Activating this tool is effortless—users simply click on the initial point, maneuver the pointer to the second point, and release it to display the measurement. This distance tool ensures that architects and designers can easily obtain length measurements and compare them with actual distances.




Multiline for Measuring Perimeter


Multiline serves as the perimeter tool, facilitating the measurement of distances between multiple points. In Multiline mode, users simply aim at the initial point and click successively on subsequent points along the side of the object. Double-click the mouse at the endpoint to instantly reveal both the perimeter and individual measurements of each line.




Polygonal and Rectangle for Measuring Perimeter and Area


ComPDFKit develops two measurement tools, Polygonal and Rectangle, designed for precise area and perimeter measurement. Polygonal is ideal for irregular shapes while Rectangle is for regular rectangles. 


Under the Polygonal mode, simply click the starting point, select subsequent points until a closed figure forms, and double-click to instantly display the area and perimeter at the center. 




Under the Rectangle mode, select the top-left point of a rectangle, drag to the opposite point, and click to release. It will automatically measure both the area and perimeter in this regular rectangle.  




More Parameters and Functions


These measuring tools offer extensive customization options, allowing users to set various parameters such as customizing lines, adjusting precision, calibrating length, snapping, magnification, and more.


• Customize line: Personalize the color, opacity, line and border style, thickness, fill color, font color, and more of your lines to suit your visual preferences or specific requirements.


• Adjust precision: Adjust the precision of your measurements, ranging from whole numbers to four decimal places.


• Calibrate length: Modify the length of a line to match a real-world ratio. This ensures that any subsequent measurements align accurately with the calibration line, providing a reliable basis for your analyses and designs.


• Snap: Snap measurement points to the graphics on a PDF page. This quick and accurate alignment enhances measurement accuracy and overall precision.


• Magnification: View a magnified version of a measurement with a display above showing the currently calculated measurement value. They allow you to inspect details more closely and provide a clear and immediate representation of the measurement associated with the selected area.




If you are interested in our new PDF measuring tools, it is welcome to try how fast can you integrate measurement tools with your applications. It will bring the most accurate measurement for any drawings in the AEC industry, allowing for accurate comparisons to the real world. Please feel free to contact our sales to get a free trial to discover its performance. For any additional questions about this new feature, our technical support team is ready to assist you.