ComPDFKit Conversion SDK

Conversion Error for CPDFConverter Instance 


Error Description
ERR_UNKNOWN Unknown error in processing conversion.
ERR_ENCRYPTED Password required or incorrect password.
ERR_INTERRUPT Conversion process interrupted. 
ERR_PERMISSION The license doesn't allow the permission.
ERR_MALLOC Malloc failure.
ERR_NDK NDK error.
ERR_CONVERTING A file is already being converted, so other files could not be converted at the same time.
ERR_PDFERROR Unknown error in processing PDF.
ERR_FILE File not found or could not be opened.
ERR_FORMAT File not in PDF format or corrupted.
ERR_SECURITY Unsupported security scheme.
ERR_PAGE Page not found or content error.


There are two methods to get the corresponding error code when conversion fails:

         - Get the code through the onPostCal callback. Refer to 3.1.

         - Obtain the result through the convert method. The reference is as follows


val result: ConvertError = 
cPDFConvert.convert(outputDir, outputFilenameNoSuffix, params, pageArrays, 
onHandle = onHandleCal, 
onProgress = onProgressCal, 
onPost = onPostCal)