Returns the operation class of selecting text CPDFEditTextSelections by the above methods in different interaction statuses, which is used for modifying the text properties.

This class includes following methods:

- setFontColor Set the font size of the selected text.

setAlign() Set the alignment of the selected text. You can set alignment to PDFEditAlignType.PSOPDFEditAlignLeftPDFEditAlignType.PSOPDFEditAlignMiddle or PDFEditAlignType.PSOPDFEditAlignRight.

setFontSize Set the font color of the selected text.

setItalic Set whether the selected text is italic.

setRenderingMode Set the rendering mode of the selected text. For example, CPDFEditTextArea.PDFEditTextRenderingMode.PSOPDFEDITMODE_FILL_STROKE is bold. 

CPDFEditTextSelections.setFontFromNativeTrueTypeFont() Set the selected text font name. You can set the font name to CPDFEditTextArea.FontCourierCPDFEditTextArea.FontHelvtics or CPDFEditTextArea.FontTimesRoman. These three fonts are only valid for English.

After modifying the properties, you need to use CPDFPageView.operateEditTextSelect(CPDFPageView.EditTextSelectFuncType.ATTR) to update the display.