CPDFReaderView has four special color modes: dark mode, sepia mode, reseda mode, and custom color mode.

In dark mode, colors are adjusted to improve reading at night, in sepia mode, background color is set to emulate the look of an old book, in reseda mode, light-green background is displayed to protect your eyes after long-time reading, and in custom color mode, you can set a custom color for the background color.

Note: Changing the appearance mode will change the PDF rendering style, but it does not modify the PDF on disk.


To set the color mode:

- Find the constant value of the color mode


Themes Hexadecimal value
Normal color mode #FFFFFF
Dark mode #000000
Sepia mode #FFEFBE
Reseda mode #CDE6D0
Custom color mode Any hexadecimal value


- Call CPDFReaderView.setReadBackgroudColor(colorValue).