ComPDFKit's Year in Review 2023

By ComPDFKit | 2024 Jan 12
PDF SDK Company

In 2023, ComPDFKit underwent significant growth and development, setting the stage for a year of robust expansion in 2024.


2023 was a year of growth at ComPDFKit: growing customers, growing technological breakthroughs, growing our products and components offering, and growing PDF functionalities. Our business growth was driven by key customers in the education, technology, healthcare, and construction industries. At the same time, the number of product capabilities, components, and features also grew exponentially. The success of 2023 has laid a solid foundation for us, and 2024 is anticipated to be a year of even more robust growth. Let's take a moment to review our past achievements and eagerly look forward to creating more success stories in the coming year.


New Customers & Customer Support


Customer needs are always our top priority. In 2023, we are honored to have gained many outstanding new customers. Simultaneously, to give back to the community and assist non-profit organizations, start-ups, and individual developers, we have launched a Community License plan to offer reasonable and affordable prices. Our products and services have also received widespread acclaim.


New Customers


In the past year, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with so many outstanding customers, optimizing and enhancing their processes for digital and paperless office, and document management. Our customers are from diverse industries such as education, IT, healthcare, aviation, construction, law, and more. Our technical support services cater to startups, small to medium-sized enterprises, and multinational corporations alike. 


Despite the unique problems and challenges each company faces, we have successfully tailored solutions to address specific issues through collaborative efforts and cooperation. For example, ComPDFKit enhanced G-School eBook Reader in the Education Industry, powered Tweaking Technologies to provide a practical and efficient PDF Editor, improved PDF Reader Pro by digital signature SDK, helped Haidong Xinxi to build a professional PDF editor, digitalized and streamlined health workflow. Explore the success stories of some of the new clients we welcomed this year. You can click the above links to discover how our PDF SDK has effectively addressed diverse challenges!


Customer Support


In 2023, we knew that many start-ups, individual developers, and some non-profit organizations have brilliant ideas and want to do their own remarkable PDF projects. However, due to the global economic downturn and budget constraints, their development process has been affected. Therefore, we launched the Community License plan to offer simple prices that are affordable and cost-effective for individuals and teams, including but not limited to individual developers, MSMEs, start-ups, non-profit organizations, etc. Cooperatively, our customers can develop applications more effectively and we can achieve win-win results.


Positive Customer Feedback


At ComPDFKit, we take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers, as evidenced by the many positive feedback messages we've received. This feedback drives us to continue innovating and improving our solutions to ensure our customers exceed their expectations. It also motivates us to strive for even greater satisfaction in the future as we reflect on this positive reception. Here are some of our customers’ feedback: 


“Using ComPDFKit for Web Standalone to render PDFs becomes faster and more stable. This is very good news! Both rendering speed and robustness are primary objectives.”


“I like your expertise in the implementation. Your features and technical service satisfy me, that's why I came to you, you are superb!”


“Thank you for providing the Flutter SDK for Android. When the first time I used your Sdk demo, I was impressed with your demo app. It’s great and accomplished everything I wanted to do. After finishing the integration, everything is going well and our documentation management system has been enhanced a lot.”


Key Initiatives


To continuously enhance our products and services, meet customers' needs, and create a superior user experience, in the past year, we decided to focus on four key initiatives: restructuring the website, improving documentation, enhancing the SDK demo, and publishing lots of new blog posts.


Restructuring Website


We underwent a comprehensive website overhaul, including updating our logo, adjusting the navigation bar and page paths, and completely revamping industry solutions pages covering education, construction, aviation, government, and more. The goal is to help users find valuable information more efficiently. Additionally, we upgraded our Chinese ComPDFKit website to better serve our extensive Chinese user base.


Improving Documentation


In 2023, we focused on making it easier for developers to integrate our SDK in their workflows and applications. We worked on improving our documentation by creating more than 1,500 new developer guides and adding more than 100 code samples. All these developer guides and examples cover cross-platforms including Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Flutter, React Native, ComDPFKit Processor, and more.


Enhancing SDK Demo


To enhance user experience, we redesigned the SDK Demo and added many PDF functionalities on Web Demo, including view, annotation, form filling, signature, encryption, document comparison, and content editing. Users can now directly experience our PDF SDK through the Web Demo or contact us for demo applications on other platforms. We are dedicated to ensuring users fully explore our innovative solutions across various platforms.


Publishing New Blogs


At ComPDFKit, our commitment to knowledge-sharing and writing has played a pivotal role in our success. Over the past year, we authored and published 99 diverse blog posts, engaging over 6,000 readers! 


Some of our most popular blogs are shown below.

Top1: How to Build an Android PDF Viewer or Editor in Kotlin

Top2: How to Build an Android PDF Viewer or Editor in Java

Top3: How to Build an iOS PDF Viewer or Editor in Swift

Top4: How to Export XFDF Annotations from PDF

Top5: Extracting Images from a PDF in Objective-C


New Technological Breakthroughs and Products


In order to offer high-performance PDF SDK, we achieved some new technological breakthroughs and made great progress with multiple deployment methods and new components, providing customers with safer, more flexible, and diverse options to integrate PDF SDK into their applications and document management workflow. Below is an overview of our new technological breakthrough and products.


 PDF SDK for Web — You can choose Standalone deployment powered by WebAssembly or Server-backed deployment with Docker to complete your web applications according to your needs and usage scenarios. What’s more, You can also integrate web browser-based PDF viewer, annotations, content editor, form filling, signing, and more to your Salesforce and SharePoint.


PDF SDK for Server — There are multiple libraries for you to complete document workflow with comprehensive PDF functionalities, such as ComPDFKit Processor, Library for Java, and Library for. NET.


PDF Viewer and Editor on React Native and Flutter — Build your cross-platform mobile applications with React Native and Flutter PDF SDK, and elevate your Android and iOS apps to ensure seamless and efficient viewing, editing, annotating, converting, signing, redacting, and OCR PDF documents.


Conversion SDK Libraries for multiple languages — Developers can use our C++ PDF Conversion Library, Java PDF Conversion Library, Python PDF Conversion Library, PHP PDF Conversion Library, and other languages conversion libraries to convert PDF to/from Office, Images, HTML, RTF, CSV, and other formats.


PDF API Libraries for multiple languages — ComPDFKit API Libraries are organized around the REST standard and provide you with PDF features in PHP, Java, Python, .NET (Core & Framework), Swift, etc. Every developer can process 1000 files for free monthly, you can sign up and have a try.


New PDF Functionalities


In addition to new technological breakthroughs and components, we added many new features to take our products to the next level:


Content Editor — Enable your apps to quickly and easily edit PDFs like Word, you can edit PDF text and images, set properties, and search & replace the content with a single click.


Document Editor — Empower your apps with powerful libraries to organize and edit PDF pages, including merge files, split, insert, move, copy, crop, and delete pages.


PDF Conversion — Accurately convert PDF to/from MS Office files with AI & OCR, and add support for converting PDF to other formats like RTF, HTML, and JSON.


PDF Encryption — Upgrade to new levels of PDF encryption with AES-128 and AES-256, secure your documents and data all the time.


Document Comparison — Easily upload and compare your documents in just a second, automatically detect and highlight all differences between 2 PDFs with overlay or content comparison modes.


Digital Signatures — Safeguard your PDF contract and documents, avoiding data tampering and ensuring data integrity and security.


Measurement Tools — This enables you to accurately measure distance and area in a PDF, calibrate the scale of a page using a known distance, and configure the precision of measurements.


Document AI — Support OCR, layout analysis, image processing, form recognition, trim correction, and stamp inspection, allowing you to accurately detect and analyze document information, and extract PDF data.


Future Outlook  


Thank you for accompanying ComPDFKit through 2023 and witnessing our continued growth and significant achievements. In the past year, we’ve done a lot, and also played a crucial role in helping proceed paperless office, supporting environmental protection and sustainable development. ComPDFKit's products are not only simple tools but also key instruments for reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity for customers.


As we look ahead to 2024, we will not stop our steps, and keep providing innovative PDF solutions to help create a more efficient, digitized work environment. We appreciate your trust and support, and look forward to achieving more remarkable milestones together in the coming year. Choose ComPDFKit, choose excellence!