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It's a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. With Signatures, you can sign any PDF digital document conveniently and reliably without printing. Various types of signatures are supported.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures could be seen as the evidence of the document signatory's agreement, and let you easily and securely sign documents with your signature. You can choose from three different ways to create your signature: draw it with a trackpad or mouse, type it with your preferred font style, or upload a photo of your handwritten signature. You can also customize the color and stroke width of your signature to make it look more authentic.

  • Drawn

Drawn signatures let you create your signature with a trackpad or mouse. You can draw your signature as if you were using a pen or a pencil, and adjust the color and stroke width as you like. Drawn signatures are ideal for creating natural and personal signatures that match your handwriting style.

  • Image

Image signatures let you upload a photo of your handwritten signature and use it to sign PDF documents. Image signatures are perfect for using your existing signature without having to redraw it every time.

  • Typed

Typed signatures let you type your name and choose a font style that suits you. You can select from a variety of fonts that mimic handwriting, and change the color and stroke width as well. Typed signatures are convenient and fast for creating simple and elegant signatures that look professional.