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The Form (or AcroForm) feature allows users to create interactive form fields in a PDF document, enabling other users to provide information by filling out these fields. Essentially, PDF form fields are a type of PDF annotation known as Widget annotations. They are utilized to implement interactive form elements such as buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, and more.

As PDF is an electronic format, it provides advantages that traditional paper forms do not have. For instance, users can edit information that has already been entered. Additionally, document creators can distribute PDF forms over the internet, restrict the content and format entered by users, as well as programmatically extract and categorize the information filled in by users.

Benefits of ComPDFKit Forms

  • Full Types Supported: Supports all form field types, properties, and appearance settings.
  • Create, Edit, Delete Form Fields: Perform creation, editing, and deletion operations programmatically or directly through the UI.
  • Fill Form Fields: Seamlessly fill form fields using the Webviewer or automatically fill them programmatically.
  • Form Events: Trigger specified workflows, enabling automation.
  • Form Flattening: Permanently adds forms to the document as images, ensuring document appearance stability and preventing further modifications.
  • Fast UI Integration: Achieve rapid integration and customization through extendable UI components.

Guides for Forms

  • Create Form Fields

    Create various interactive form fields.

  • Fill Form Fields

    Add content to form fields.

  • Edit Form Fields

    Edit the content and properties of form fields using code.

  • Delete Form Fields

    Delete form fields.

  • Flatten Forms

    Flatten the form to render it in a fixed and non-editable appearance.