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ComPDFKit for Web includes a high-quality PDF viewer that’s fast, precise, and feature-rich. It offers developers a way to quickly embed a highly configurable PDF viewer in any Web application.

Benefits of ComPDFKit PDF Viewer

  • Display Modes: Freely switch between single-page or double-page view, page flipping or scrolling modes, adapting to different reading scenarios.
  • Multiple Themes: Choose themes suitable for work, night reading, prolonged screen time.
  • PDF Navigation: Navigate directly to specific locations, or use bookmarks and outlines.
  • Extensibility: Easily add features such as annotations, forms, signatures, etc., to PDF viewer.
  • Fast UI Integration: Achieve rapid integration and customization through extensible UI components.

Guides for Viewer

  • Display Modes

    Choose between single-page, double-page, book, flip, or scroll modes, or set cropping and split-view modes.

  • Page Navigation

    Efficiently navigate to different locations in the document through simple code.

  • Text Search and Selection

    Locate the position of keywords in the document, and copy or mark the text of interest.

  • Zooming

    Adjust the degree of zoom in or zoom out of a page in a PDF document to fit the user's visual preferences or device screen size.