ComPDFKit PDF SDK for Windows is a powerful PDF library that ships with an easy-to-use C# interface. Developers can seamlessly integrate PDF rendering, navigation, creation, searching, annotation, PDF text extract, form data collection, and editing capabilities into their applications and services running.




ComPDFKit PDF SDK consists of two elements as shown in the following picture.



The two elements for ComPDFKit:


- PDF Core API


The ComPDFKit PDF SDK.Desk can be used independently for document rendering, analysis, text extraction, text search, form filling, annotation creation and manipulation, and much more.


- PDF View


The ComPDFKit PDF SDK.Viewer is a utility class that provides the functionality for developers to interact with rendering PDF documents per their requirements. The View Control provides fast and high quality rendering, zooming, scrolling, and page navigation features.


Key Features


Viewer component offers:

- Standard page display modes, including Single page, Double page, Scrolling, and Cover mode.

- Navigation with thumbnails, outlines, and bookmarks.

- Text search & selection.

- Zoom in and out & Fit-page.

- Switch between different themes, including Dark mode, Sepia mode, Reseda mode, and Custom color mode.

- Text reflow.


Annotations component offers:

- Create, edit, and remove annotations, including Note, Link, Freetext, Line, Square, Circle, Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, Strikeout, Stamp, Ink, and Sound.

- Support for annotation appearances.

- Import and export annotations to/from XFDF.

- Support for annotation flattening.


Forms component offers:

- Create, edit, and remove form fields, including Push Button, Check Box, Radio Button, Text Field, Combo Box, List Box, and Signature.

- Fill PDF Forms.

- Support for PDF form flattening.


Document editor component offers:

- PDF manipulation, including Split pages, Extract pages, and Merge pages.

- Page edit, include: Delete pages, Insert pages, Move pages, Rotate pages, Replace pages, and Exchange pages.

- Documant information setting.

- Extract image.


Edit PDF component offers:

- Programmatically add and remove text in PDFs and make it possible to edit PDFs like Word. Allow selecting text to copy, resize, change colors, text alignment, and the position of text boxes.

- Support editing PDF images like moving, rotating, scaling, mirroring, cropping, replacing, copying, and extracting.

- Undo or redo any change.


Security component offers:

- Encrypt and decrypt PDFs, including Permission setting and Password protected.

- Create, edit, and remove watermark.

- Redact content including images, text, and vector graphics.

- Create, edit, and remove header & footer, including dates, page numbers, document name, author name, and chapter name.

- Create, edit, and remove bates numbers.

- Create, edit, and remove background that can be a solid color or an image.


Conversion component offers:

- PDF to PDF/A.




ComPDFKit PDF SDK is a commercial SDK, which requires a license to grant developer permission to release their apps. Each license is only valid for one device ID in development mode. Other flexible licensing options are also supported, please contact our marketing team to know more. However, any documents, sample code, or source code distribution from the released package of ComPDFKit PDF SDK to any third party is prohibited.