ComPDFKit provides super zoom out and in to unlock more zoom levels, you can programmatically interact with it by using the following method.


Page Fit Mode


You can set page fit mode in your CPDFViewer.ChangeFitMode(FitMode newMode) by using. CPDFViewer supports the following page fit modes:

- FitMode::FitWidth: The zoom is set so that the page's width matches the viewer's width.

- FitMode::FitHeight: The zoom is set so that the page's height matches the viewer's height.

- FitMode::FitSize: The zoom is set so that the entire page is visible without scrolling.

- FitMode::FitFree: The viewer's zoom is not adjusted based on the page.


Manual Zooming


You can use CPDFViewer.Zoom(double newZoom) to zoom the current document after setting page fit mode to FitMode::FitFree.